Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plated . . .

So my beautiful sister, Jordan, sent me one of those crazy Plated boxes of food... you know, that business you saw a few months back on Shark Tank. Essentially you get on their site, choose the meals you want and they send you fresh boxes full of just the ingredients you'll need to make 2 meals, 4 meals, etc. Even the meat comes in perfectly frozen packs to make sure it's fresh.

I think the concept is awesome and the actual produce really was delicious. The meal was really great and fed me and James plenty... but the instructions weren't the easiest to follow for someone who doesn't regularly cook. And I would imagine that's the clientele that's probably flocking to their site.

There were little things that would throw someone, I think. For example, in the prep of the marinade, they had you use the zest of the lemon, but for someone who has never zested a lemon, they wouldn't know how to or even how much zest to use. Also, the red onion, shallots and garlic were all combined in one little plastic bag and I would bet that not everyone knows the difference between garlic and shallots. So having said that, overall, it was awesome and I would gift somebody (maybe slightly skilled in the kitchen) with a bunch of different boxes from Plated. The variety of meals they ship you is fantastic and I like to support new, well-run businesses, don't you?

Here's a look at our Greek Chicken Pita.

STEP 1: prep the ingredients. chop. grate. mix. marinate.
 STEP 2: combine, dress and toss.
STEP 3: mix tzatziki (cucumber sauce) and cook chicken.
 STEP 4: assemble and enjoy!
Happy weekending to all of you... send somebody a box of Plated goodness!