Saturday, December 14, 2013

pinewood social

Remember the "Frosty Palace" from the movie, Grease? It's the burger joint where they all hung out and the 'dramas' of their relationships unfolded. It was the place to be if you were a "cool kid," a jock, a greaser, you know, the cool kids.

Welcome to Nashville's modern day Frosty Palace... it's called Pinewood Social and it's so great.
Since it's opening less than two weeks ago, James and I have been twice. Once for lunch, which I would have preferred to be brunch, but someone slept in, ;) and once for drinks. Two totally different experiences, but both vibey, welcoming and unique.
 The cocktail menu is fresh and extensive, the food isn't crazy inventive, but the items aren't super typical either, a little risky, even. So I applaud it. The brunch menu looks the best to me, has the most options. But like I said, we've only had lunch as far as food goes and it was an odd variety. More on that in a minute..
 The coffee is provided by Crema, a trendy coffee shop specializing in classic brewing methods and only serving the best of the best beans... located literally across the road, Pinewood is supporting its' fellow, local establishments and that's cool. The espresso was so tasty and served with a palette cleanse of soda water with demerara sugar. Delish.
 This guy's job was strictly to chip away at the custom cut ice blocks, so that all the cocktails have a giant floating cube. Props to him for literally cutting ice the entire time we had lunch.
The cheeseburger. Delicious, classic, and piled high with all the old-fashioned goodness you hope for, even American cheese.
 My sandwich wasn't named. Noble Springs chèvre, avocado, sprouts, radish and cucumber... eh. It was alright... had the potential to be really great but, it needs a little help. Haven't decided what yet, but it needs help. The other lunch items were things like grilled cheese on white bread, a cobb salad or a lobster roll, all served with your choice of fries, cauliflower salad or mixed greens. So, good, for sure... but not great...? HAVING SAID THAT, the brunch looks bomb good, so don't write it off. Late night sides and appetizers looked good, too.
 mac 'n' cheese.
 ginny's cocktail. unreal.
 I'm a little boring, ordered a straight bulleit bourbon.
 not positive what each of these were, but one board was basically open faced burger points... really good. I'd order those again.
 The check comes in an old tin can.. cute. Served with butterscotch candies. Cute, Pinewood.. really cute.
happy campers all around... (we were celebrating a BIG time achievement for Ginny that night) SO SO happy we chose this spot.
The place has GREAT city views and it's open and welcoming.
And to boot.....
a BEAUTIFUL, vintage- inspired bowling alley... are you kidding?
SIGN ME UP, please!

AND.... the rumors are true... come spring time, there will be a pool outside the place, overlooking city views and lined with another gorgeous bar, most likely nestled inside an open, old airstream bullet. Again, are you kidding me? I will literally be here on a bi-weekly basis.. who wouldn't, right?

Vintage style, great vibe, pool side bar and all the trappings of Grease? Yes. Pinewood Social, you win. Nashville, get there.

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