Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best of Nashville 2013

It's that time of year again! Voting for "Best of Nashville 2013" has BEGUN!!!

Show Recitherapy some love and go to to cast your votes! If you're a Nashvillain like myself, you'll know exactly who and what to vote for... BUT, for those of you who want to help us out long distance... here's how to do it:

  • Go to
  • Click on the purple and blue banner at the bottom of your screen that says "cast your vote!"
  • Sign in using your Facebook account OR create an account (enter your e-mail and a new password). 
  • Now you're ready to vote! YOU MUST VOTE FOR 20 CATEGORIES for your vote to count... SO, my suggestion is to enter "The Frothy Monkey" for all categories under "FOOD & DRINK," as it's my favorite place on the planet and they're SO deserving.
  • Then scroll on over to the "MEDIA & POLITICS" section and vote "" for "BEST FOOD BLOG."
  • (and while you're at it, vote "James Rudder" for "BEST MUSIC WRITER" and "" for "BEST MUSIC BLOG." He's my amazing husband. ;)
And to get us in the spirit of voting... WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE RECITHERAPY POST YET??

I won't lie... I think mine is the Pumpkin Babka.. all that doughy, pumpkin flavor oozing with Maker's Mark and cinnamon! Maybe I'm just aching for Autumn to BE HERE ALREADY so I'm dreaming of it all the time.
 But maybe I'm torn between babka and the Bavarian Beer Pretzels...?!?! So yeasty and delicious!

WHAT'S YOURS?? Cast your vote in the comment section below.

LOTS of Nashville love to you all and THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTE! 

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