Monday, July 15, 2013

liquid diet : week 1

Day 1:

mom made smoothies for us and the boys while they were out golfing... jordan, my cute, pregnant sister and I delivered them course side on the golf cart. all i know is that they were creamy, dreamy and chocked full of all natural goodness (no dairy, of course).
Day 2: we drove home to Nashville and made it in time for dinner.. which was soup.
yes, we're allowed red wine at dinner. (and a cup of coffee every morning) ;)

Day 3: breakfast was banana, peach, mango, avocado, spinach, almond milk and ice.
 Dinner wasn't great until I added corn and more seasoning... then it was great. San marzano tomatoes, garlic, parsley, sea salt and pepper, paprika, carrots, and sweet corn.
Day 4:
breakfast was awesome. tons of baby spinach, lime juice, fresh mint, basil and lots of watermelon. and ice.
 lunch was avocado, peach, banana, apple, almonds and almond milk and ice. delicious and thick.
James decided to make me dinner which was nice and it was pouring outside so he made a thick cozy soup. but i wasn't allowed to see what was in it until he was done... however i did see this sneaky ingredient...
classic james.
other than vegemite, all I know is this soup was tomato heavy and delicious... i think tomato paste, whole tomatoes, carrots and maybe some salt and pepper...? super easy.
Day 5:
a delicious start with peaches, watermelon, lots of spinach, a date, and some mint.
 our first coffee of the day at 4pm... who knows why we waited so long.
 then we had a cheat night... :) our friends nolan and nicole are the couple we are doing this with... they had a friend visiting that night from out of town and she was here for the weekend so they had planned to take the weekend off. we did too but, james decided he wanted to stick with it... but the bier garden called our name and we answered. :)
 cheers to the night off!
but then we felt a little guilty again and decided to stick with our liquid diet for dinner... corn chowder! i suppose we went off the wagon a little with the ingredients.. i added labne for creaminess and also i didn't want it to go off in the fridge before we could enjoy it.
Day 6:
 frozen pineapple, handful of frozen blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, mint, lots of spinach and a date. and ice.
Dinner we went off the wagon because james decided we could. :) thank Heaven. Then breakfast yesterday was something similar to that juice above and so was lunch... then we had pad thai haha.

Back in the game today folks!!! We've already started with a coffee, banana, coconut, peanut butter smoothie... i'm thinking spinach and avocado for lunch.



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