Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a peach galette for the faint of heart

Yes, that's right.

Tonight, James and I are taking a break from our liquid diet to have one last dessert and wine time with our friends Annan and Caleb before they move to Michigan. Sweet Carly and Chad have invited us over and I've been asked to provide dessert... how can I resist? :)

I have a beautiful bowl of fresh, Georgia peaches to work with and a load of flour that I'm DYING to sink my hands into.... (it's officially been a month since I've baked ONE thing)

Anyways, for some reason I'm thinking galette... flaky, moorish, sweet and tart... I might even throw in some mixed berries in one of them. Whatever the case, I'll photograph it, video it and share it with you here tomorrow so stay tuned... here's a little sneak peak of what it MIGHT look like...

Also you can bet I'll be using my mother's pie crust recipe... find it here if you want a head start. BUT, I'll be replacing the crisco with butter.
Hooray for a husband who lets us break for dinner and dessert!

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