Monday, March 4, 2013

British Pie Week

Oh yes... I've been waiting to find out about this holiday my entire life. This morning, I was let in on the secret. It is the OFFICIAL BRITISH PIE WEEK my friends!!

And we are going to celebrate on Recitherapy. SO, today, I'm reposting to you our Aussie meat pie recipe so you can start your week off right...

as for the other pies we'll be attempting, I'll keep you posted along the way on our noteworthy recipes.
Be prepared: this will be a week full of crust, more crust, lots of onions, a constant hot stove and more crust. And I don't care who knows it. ;)

(yeah yeah, i know we're Australian but look, it's all in the family, amen?! )

Here's that link to the aussie meat pies again, in case you forgot. Also how good are those pie dishes below? Little minis! I will be investing in these this week to celebrate in classy style.

Cheers to Pies!

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