Thursday, February 21, 2013

extension . . .

See that poll over there ------------->

Friends!! Let me try and make this clear one more time... I'm extending the voting poll because no one is actually putting their name in the comment boxes!! :D

You can't be entered to win the prize if you don't tell me you voted... I cannot look to see the names of people who voted so you've gotta tell me yourself! SO-

click one and place your vote... THEN, go down to the comment section and tell me your name so I can enter you! I've got a great prize that needs a WINNER!

I'm gonna keep this open for two more days so we can actually have a drawing here! :)

lots of love


  1. I've tried several time to post without success.. so here is my effort again...
    Debbi Ponzio LOVES your blog!!!

  2. Love breakfast ~ the leisurely kind, not just a cold cereal poured into a bowl and doused with milk . . . the effort of a breakfast type casserole with some freshly baked scone or muffin warm from the oven . . . accompanied by a strong cup of robust coffee where the brewing itself fills the house with a fabulous aroma.

  3. I would say Breakfast! Something super special that just makes your day extra nice.

  4. also known as voted... my iPhone hates me and autocorrects EVERYTHING!

  5. I voted & I absolutely love your blog, Sidney! - Liz Swearman