Friday, November 2, 2012

still need a name !

You guys, I'm sitting here in the studio cracking up at how ridiculous some of my older posts are... not ridiculous like, don't make the food, but ridiculous like, "geez we've covered some funny ground." Anyways as you know, we're just past the one year mark here at Recitherapy so I've been re-reading where we've been and re-routing where we're going. Whilst visiting some previous posts, I came across this gem and discovered that we NEVER SETTLED ON A NAME! Some of the suggestions were brilliant, I remember but the one that keeps sticking out to me as funny and memorable is "frisbee on the lawn."
I NEED YOUR IDEA/ VOTE! If you've got a better name, add it to the comment box below... if not, vote on one of these, comment in the bottom and I'll add your name TODAY in the DRAWING FOR THE GIVEAWAY! woohoo! Winner announced TOMORROW!

  • Frisbee on the Lawn
  • The 'Egg'sellent Avocado
  • Santa Monica Sunrise
  • California Sunshine
  • Mush & Toast-haha, erin?!
Any suggestions??

Also looking at this post made me want to make this for Sunday Brunch! It's so delicious and I've definitely left it behind the last few months... it's now pleasantly reminded me of its glory and I'll be making it for my skype date with Erin in the morning.

LOTS of love... comment so I can enter you in to WIN, friends!