Monday, October 1, 2012

pumpkin cookies : re -post !

Good afternoon, friends! I'm SO thrilled to repost this recipe today... If you're a seasoned Recitherapy reader, you know how amazing these are and how obsessed we are with them. BUT- if you're new around here, prepare to be amazed.

Prepare to never want to make another pumpkin recipe ever unless it's this one.
Prepare to have a WHOLE lotta new friends.
Prepare to be baking them once a week for the entire fall AND winter season.
And go ahead and come to terms with the fact that you will eat more than one of these, every. single. time. Just deal with it. Wake up first thing in the morning, take a jog, do some yoga, whatever you've gotta do to not feel guilty about it because they are WORTH the sweat and ache. Capisce? Capisce.

Head on over here for the recipe and photos.

Also... did everyone see yesterday's post? E-mail me! is the place... send your questions, your recipes, your ideas, etc etc because I want to hear them! AND in case you haven't noticed, over there at the right hand side of the page... see the top item? It says something along the lines of give us your e-mail address and start receiving updates from Recitherapy right to your INBOX! Easy peasy! Now you don't have to think about checking it out every time you want a recipe... you'll just get inspired every morning!

Enjoy this rainy day, and I can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. Don't judge me on the crisco. I didn't invent the recipe. I just take credit for it. :)