Wednesday, October 17, 2012

hodge podge

Leftover mashed potatoes turned to glorious golden hash browns for breakfast...
 the way to make perfectly fried eggs by the way: crack them in and put the lid on top. when the yellow turns opaque, they're over easy... a little more white, they're over medium... white? cooked! no flipping required, friends.
 A total failed popcorn experiment... the flavor was just all wrong. Maybe you could master it? Butter, cocoa, sea salt and cinnamon.
My BEAUTIFUL fall farmer's market fresh produce loot...
 the prettiest, brightest radishes I've ever seen!
A big old Georgia Jet... just plucked from the ground... had to let it sit resting and untouched for a day before I could use it!

SO much going on at the moment, and so many recipes to share... so I'll see you tomorrow!