Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thai Basil Cucumber Smoothie

I'm calling this "Thai" because it tastes like a drink you'd order at a Thai restaurant. I didn't actually use Thai basil, I used regular sweet basil. ANYWAYS- You're gonna want to try this. It's the perfect, refreshing pre-dinner drink to have when your stomach is starting to rumble at 4:00 and you know you've got another three hours to wait. ;) (that said, it's not necessarily heavy, but it's super flavorful and will do a number on your taste buds)

Gauge your amounts based on your preference to each ingredient. I happen to love everything I put in it so I went ape.

Fill up your Vitamix with a giant handful of fresh basil, stems, flowers and all. If you have them, toss in a few frozen basil cubes as well (they sell those at TJ's if you've never tried them- they're great). Pour in one half can coconut milk and a generous helping of almond milk. Slice up one whole cucumber and toss it in. I took a bit of the skin off because it was getting pretty bumpy in certain spots, but left most of it on. Squeeze in some agave or honey, we used agave and toss in two big handfuls of ice. Blend until smooth and enjoy!
This could also be served as a pre-dinner "shooter" if you were having friends over for Pad Thai or even take-out! Just pour it in cocktail glasses or even long shot glasses and garnish with a fresh sprig of basil!

** in other news... the photos have arrived from the Anthropologie style event I catered the other night! i will be posting those tomorrow along with the menu and a few of the recipes! so be sure to stop by when you're having your coffee break tomorrow for a little inspiration! ;)

p.s. if you don't have one of these babies, invest in one. it's completely revolutionized my kitchen life. 

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  1. The Vitamix cannot be over-praised. It is the ultimate kitchen machine. :D