Monday, August 20, 2012

Naked Tacos updated!

Roughly a month ago, I posted our amazing Naked Tacos recipe... at the time, we hadn't photographed it very well, but my in-laws were just visiting and it's the PERFECT "whip up" meal for four.

We couldn't help ourselves so my sweet husband, James, got out my camera and snapped away! Hopefully these will help you see the "layers" so to speak, a little better than the last post.

Here's the recipe for those of you who missed it back in July... ENJOY! :)
 (i like to store the leftover bacon and black beans from a breakfast meal together so the black beans get some extra flavor... when we reheated these for the tacos, we warmed them over the stove and just fished out the bacon, but you could leave it in if you'd prefer)
 chopped romaine on bottom, black beans, grated cheddar, chicken and onion mixture, greek yogurt and half an avocado.
 Topped with Valentina hot sauce and finished with chunky, garden fresh salsa!
 TRULY, the easiest, best lunch or dinner EVER.


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