Wednesday, August 29, 2012

go to your farmer's market

I would like for today's post to inspire you...
Go to your local farmer's market this week.
If you've already missed it, plan for next week...
better yet, find the one in the next county over and go there!
There seems to be few things left in "normal" life that are as rewarding as purchasing colorful, fresh and TASTY produce from a friendly family perched outside, proudly presenting their goods.
(run-on sentence)

Even if you don't need groceries at the moment, just go find one and walk around. Take a latte, take a friend, take your children, and just go enjoy. I can promise you if it's anything like our markets here in Nashville, it'll be the brightest spot in your day... maybe even week. ;)

Take a look at our most recent visit...

 my favorite friends from Bountiful Blessings Farm. look at these gorgeous peppers they had! I bought some zucchini and squash from them, too cute to pass up!
 love buying produce from them... hard earned labor of love!
 never have I seen prettier squash or eggplant. isn't this photo begging to be painted?
 my honey photographed me and my giant bunch of basil. :)
 i don't even like mushrooms... but i bought a box, couldn't help myself!
have you ever seen anything so strange and pretty? it's like looking at under water coral cities isn't it?!
my favorite herb lady. she's got everything.
 that man. :)
 and who could pass up my favorite part?
 a bit of our loot. ;)
 finish off our rounds with purchasing our favorite, local Hazyhaven Farm & Apiary honey! Wildflower is our fave.

Wonderful Wednesday afternoon to you all.


  1. This totally looks like the best day!!! I love the photos - can't believe how amazing some of those vegetables look... I would never shop at the store again. AND THE GRILLED CHEESE is the finale?! #putaforkinme #bestsandwichever #whencanivisit

  2. #bestsisterever #thankyouforalwayscommenting #putaBIGforkinyou #you'redone

  3. :D awwwww #noYOUREthebestsisterever


    1. hahaha!!!!!! #onlyseeingthis4monthslate #sistercommentingfail #whenAREyoucomingtovisit