Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes ... in girl's night honor

That's right. It's Thursday and it's GIRL'S NIGHT! Woohoo! I don't know how on earth the Lord did it, but He hand picked some SERIOUSLY good chefs that just happen to be my best pals and live around the corner from me here in Nashville. Every time we get together it's one hilarious celebration of great food, great wine, great conversation and even better table decor. (ginny, I think you take the cake for this one... although, Lauren, we're YET to see your table decor ideas) ;)

Anyways, in honor of girl's night, this post is all about our last shindig together. Southern themed and well stocked with food, this night was all about the Pimiento Cheese & Fried Green Tomato BLT's. Yes. All of that, on one sandwich. TO DIE FOR.
None of us knew what we were doing so Steph and I sort of just threw things together in the batter bowl until it looked right. HA! Lots of adding and laughing and frying later, we were eating maybe the best sandwiches we've had all summer. So here's what we did for the tomatoes and a few pretty photos from our Southern night!
(when you see a handsome man in the photos, know that's my husband... he's somehow an honorary member of girl's night and loves to jump in the kitchen with us... such a stud) ;)

 There he is.. carrying in our supply of green tomatoes, fresh from the farmer's market and our amazing, we make everything in it, cast-iron skillet. (buy one)

In a small bowl, mix together all-purpose flour, salt, seasoned salt and any other seasoning flavor you like. I believe we used a little chili powder, paprika and some sort of lemon garlic seasoning that steph found on sale at T.J. Maxx, ha! Steph! :D Add in some cracked black pepper and some more paprika (for color) and get ready to start!

On medium heat, warm up some olive oil and vegetable oil in your skillet. Pour more than just covering the bottom. These babies have to sit in some oil. (but don't go overboard and drown them) Slice your green tomatoes to the desired thickness. Once the oil is starting to heat up, dip each tomato slice in the flour mixture to cover both sides and place on the skillet. Once they start to turn golden brown and sizzly on the edges, give them a flip. When they're done, let them cool a little and drip excess oil onto a paper towel plate.
Tomato Team!

Assemble with pimiento cheese on bottom of both pieces of toast, tomato, bacon and lettuce if you really think you need it. And don't forget to set the table with hot sauce. Ain't nothin' better than pimiento cheesy bacon-y sandwiches dipped in hot sauce. I mean, if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it, you know?
 Having a little sweet tea vodka moment together while waiting for the last tomatoes to fry. :) I love him.
The gorgeous table setting.
 We asked him to split some in half for us... they were a little large. ;)
 complete with hot sauce, candles, extra bacon (for Lauren & myself) and some unbelievable pasta salad that ginny just whipped up last minute.
I cannot tell you how amazing these were. To try and describe the joy of crunching through grilled bread to juicy, fried tomatoes, all the while surrounded by crisp bacon and pimiento cheese just wouldn't give you even a FRACTION of the euphoric experience... so I won't try. ;) ha.

It IS tomato season, friends... anyone up for trying these this weekend? ;) I think I'll be giving them another go very shortly. 


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