Friday, August 24, 2012

Caffe Tazza!

It's Friday! It's Fave day! We have a winner! Just recently, James and I stopped through Tyler, Texas to visit my dearest friend, Holly and her amazing husband, Ben. They've just crossed over their 6 months mark of being married and we hadn't yet seen their first married home... a trip was in order! The three things we requested to do while we were there were to eat at their favorite restaurant, have coffee at their favorite coffee place and play golf. The ten years that Holly and I have been friends has been spent solely in Starbucks and restaurants that do a killer, huge spinach cheese dip salad that we can split.

Oddly enough, both of us have moved from Charlotte to towns where the Starbucks don't compare to the ones we have at home. Either the atmosphere just isn't quite right, the drinks aren't quite as fabulous or the crowds they draw make us feel very out of place. So we've both had to find our new little coffee "nesting spots" in which to spend the lengthier bits of our time. As you know, I found Frothy... and Holly found Caffe Tazza! Let me introduce you... Meet Holly. Meet Caffe Tazza.

 too excited about what we were doing, I made the photo blurry. my apologies. she was custom ordering our amazing omelette! 
 that gorgeous drink is the Dolce Vita Latte served in their gorgeous Deruta Ceramic mugs! those ceramics come from the region of Umbria... Tuscany's neighbor. :) Jordan don't you love that stuff??
classic me ordered a french press.
Yessssss. Complete with spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and feta cheese. And they even served us a surprise slice of some gorgeous cinnamon loaf! What a treat!

If you somehow find yourself wound up in Tyler, Texas and you need a good eat and a cup of coffee, head on over to Caffe Tazza. You'll have a really pleasant experience in a relaxed atmosphere and I can promise you it's the nicest joint in that entire town. ;) (you know I like it there in Tyler, puppet... but Caffe Tazza wins out over the Hispanic grocery every time.)



  1. AWWW so cute! I love these pix - you guys look like you're having so much fun. Although I'm not a latte lover, that Dolce Vita has my number!!! Omgosh - looks amazing. And Sid, YES, I have a whole set of those hand-painted dishes...remember??? :) LOVE them! Must. Get. Coffee. Now.

  2. Those coffee mugs are amazing. Always wanted one!!! Great post!