Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Best . Breakfast . Ever .

Do you ever have those times as a wife or a friend when you just know you've hit a home run? It can be anything! "Oh, Lindsay, I stopped at target yesterday for a sports bra and I saw those work out shorts you like so much on sale... I bought you two pairs!" [home run] "Honey, I was gardening today and got so carried away, I decided to weed the front AND back yard!" [home run] You catch my drift? Well... I've recently had quite the home run myself. "Hey babe... I'm gonna make poached eggs for brunch." [always a home run for my husband] "I'm trying to use up all our groceries before we go buy more, so I'm just gonna get a little creative." [home run #2] And home run #3 happened when he took the first bite of my bomb awesome creation.

Now listen, I understand I'm not the first person to think of this ridiculous dish, but I am, seemingly, the only person I know who's making it on a regular basis! (except you, Nicole) ;) Because who wants normal shmoe breakfast when you can eat THIS?!

So here it is! Poached eggs over avocado bacon toast, covered in kicky black beans and salsa and doused with fresh lime juice! Hellooooooo Heaven. Something SO magical happens when you break into that gorgeous, gooey yolk and blend it with all the savory, creamy, crunchy flavors of the other ingredients. First you'll get a bite of lime-y egg with avocado and buttered toast. Then you'll get some egg white with the spicy black beans and bacon... and then you'll break into the full monty, and I can guarantee that you'll be getting that good old-fashioned, home run feeling from your husband, too!

Forget how to poach an egg? You can look here at my poached egg post from awhile back for a lengthier explanation.. but I'll give you a quick run down here:

  • fill a small sauce pan with about 2 inches water. Pour in a small amount of white vinegar and get it to boil.
  • while water is getting to boil, crack each egg into a small ramekin, espresso cup, nut dish, whatever that's small.
  • Once boiling, stir the water with a slotted spoon (you'll need it in a minute anyways) until you've got a "whirlpool effect" happening.
  • As soon as you've got spinning water, gently pour the eggs right into the center of the swirl, preferably one after another.
  • Let them sit in the boiling hot water for 2 minutes for yolky eggs, or 4 minutes for hard center eggs.
  • Get out a clean plate and get ready to fish out the eggs. Once the time is up, get the eggs with the slotted spoon, one at a time, making sure to let most of the water drip through before placing on the plate. There's nothing more disgusting than wet eggs. Bleh.
  • You're done!
Now just assemble! Toast and butter your favorite, crunchy toast. Spread with fresh avocado and bacon, plop the eggs on top, go nuts on some black beans and salsa and DON'T FORGET THE LIME. It's the best part. :)

Want a variation for lunch? Warm up a whole wheat tortilla, top with lettuce, beans, avocado and white cheddar. Poach an egg, slice up some tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil!
There's PLENTY of ways to keep this dish interesting, but the fact remains... any way you have it, it's the BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER. (or lunch. or dinner.) ;)
In other, quick news: One of my dear friends, Kalle, texted me the other day a photo and a rave review of our hummus that she made. And I quote: "Your hummus :) Pearce is literally eating it with a spoon. It is so good. But I did add more garlic. I'm a garlic freak. So smooth and creamy. Amazing."

YES! Now that's the kind of stuff I like to hear! Thank you for messaging me that, Kal. It made my day! Recitherapy readers... what have YOU made recently, from Recitherapy or from ANYWHERE that you have a rave review for? Let me in! I want to know! :)
Lots of love, everybody... and Happy Home Run Wednesday!

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