Wednesday, July 11, 2012

what we bought . . . what we made

So I've decided I want to let you guys in on our day to day food happenings, the fantastic, the usual and the bad. (which doesn't happen often) ;) As you know, James and I have been LONG GONE from home for awhile so upon our return, we did a major grocery shop. I've had a few people ask what it is that we buy so that we have options without always having to go the store every day. So here's a look into our grocery list, what it cost us and what delicious delectables we make with it all. Keep in mind, the goal is to keep the meals going... make the groceries stretch.. which means we've gotta be creative and smart!

Grocery List:
roasted chicken
giant block white cheddar cheese
bag of avocados
bag of lemons
marinara sauce
bag of onions
kashi cereal
greek yogurt
almond milk
all-purpose flour
shredded mozzarella
dark chocolate covered sea salt almonds
whole wheat hamburger buns
sourdough loaf
whole wheat pita
green bell peppers
romaine hearts
Total Cost:

What we already had: (in pantry and from a quick one day shop)
garbanzo beans
black beans
fresh herbs
asiago cheese
olive oil
red wine
ground beef
chicken breasts
eggs (from Nolan and Nicole's chickens!)

A quick and easy dinner #1: Burgers on the grill.
Make a gourmet fun spread! This one may sound funny to you but it's our "go-to." Whip up a batch of homemade hummus and combine it with a smashed avocado and some finely chopped pineapple. Best spread ever for sandwiches of any kind!
Slice up a whole or half an onion, depending on size, to go on the grill with the ground beef and buns. (very lightly butter or mayonnaise the insides of the buns)
Prepare your topping goodies! Slice up cheese (and make sure to add them to the grill plate... that will go right on top of the burger patties while they're on the grill to get nice and melty), tomatoes, and chop some lettuce.
Drizzle some olive oil on your grill plate and start the onions!
Make your ground beef patties and pop them on the grill. We use only black pepper and seasoned salt. Nothin' else! When they're just about done, add the cheese on top and let it get melty.
Time for assembly! Avocado hummus spread on bottom, then the patty, onions, ketchup, mustard, whatever, tomato, lettuce and more avocado spread on top.
And there you have it. A fantastic, juicy, INEXPENSIVE HOMEMADE BURGER. So much better than eating out! (in my opinion) ;)

That's what we made. What's next...?

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  1. wow, that avocado/pineapple hummus looks good - never thought of that combination before... why haven't you ever told me about it?!?! I love it!