Friday, June 1, 2012

A quick post from NYC

Guys, I won't lie... This is impossibly hard, blogging from an iPad. There's not gonna be any photos or italics in this post because my poor little fingers (and patience level) can't handle it! I'm just sitting at this fabulous cafe and getting so inspired to cook... Maybe because I'm starving and I need to just order the quiche already, but also because I haven't been in the kitchen the last four days, as I've been visiting my honey in New York city. ANYWAYS, I had to share with you guys what I would be making right now if I had access to a kitchen. This day is WAY too gorgeous to not have a fresh, crunchy fabulous lunch with a glass of vino, amen?! You'll need some: -crusty bread, Italian loaf or whole wheat sourdough, whatever- sliced. -frozen chopped spinach -a few cherry tomatoes -lots of freshly minced garlic -lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice -Some kind of amazing cheese- if you want a bite-ier, bolder taste experience, use something like Parmesan reggiano or asiago... If you want a smoother ride, try using fresh ricotta, or semi- drained cottage if you must. -extra virgin olive oil -sea salt and pepper In a sauté pan, throw in your chopped spinach, some lemon juice and olive oil. Sauté it on low heat just until the spinach has softened and gained some good, lemony flavor. Take it off the heat and let rest and cool while you prepare the toast. Slice your bread into sturdy enough slices to hold your spinach topping... Basically we're making bruschetta here so slice accordingly. Place the slices onto a very lightly olive oiled baking sheet. Brush the tops (all the way to the edges! That's what makes it golden) with olive oil and a little of the lemon juice and place in your oven on low broil. Depending on your oven strength, these should only be in there for about five minutes. You just want them barely golden. Remove the toasts from the oven and either sprinkle with the minced garlic, pressing the pieces into those glorious pooling wholes in the toast OR just rub the whole clove over the toast for a little less garlic taste, but still a hint of it. Set those aside and let rest. Now let's finely chop your tomatoes. Mix the tomatoes and cheese together and add to the sautéed spinach. Generously lemon juice this mixture and toss until mixed. Now with some tongs, top each piece of toast with a generous portion of the spinach goodness. Then, whether you're using Parmesan in the mixture or not, top with a little dusting or shavings of Parmesan ... When its broiled it's just so pretty and inviting. Pop these back in the oven on low broil for again, maybe five minutes. In my old oven, it would only take about three! So just be watching them. Take them out and serve them by twos on a pretty plate. Drizzle the tops with olive oil and add some freshly cracked sea salt and pepper. Pour yourself a glass of crisp, dry white wine and cheers to the blessings of making fresh, great food at home! Praise the Lord for bruschetta and gorgeous weather! I haven't made this but I trust it's going to be awesome. Enjoy the fruits of my Midtown musings and let me know how they turned out! LOTS of love from the big apple, and I'll see you soon! XOX

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