Thursday, May 24, 2012

$ 5 Bourbon & Burgers

Yes that's the truth... the Holland House, over on the east side of Nashvegas, does five dollar bourbon and burgers on Monday nights... What a dream! My friend Nicole picked me up from the airport Monday night and we headed straight to the watering hole. We were beyond pleased to find Mike, our trusty, faithful bartender friend standing behind the bar. He's always so kind and helpful and my goodness, is he CREATIVE when it comes to making classy, old time drinks! Naturally, Nicole and I wanted bourbon... we went with Woodford Reserve. I was starved and ordered their "mini meester" burger. Grilled to perfection on ridiculously decadent bread, served with a side of amazing, musky truffle fries. Are you joking?

Needless to say, the food was perfect, the drinks were just what the doctor ordered and Mike even surprised us with a cocktail creation of his own in lieu of dessert. (nicole is my kinda friend!)
 check out that awesome $5 list!
 I think this place is so beautiful and charming, don't you?
and now for the magical dessert drink...
yeah, he's tasting it to make sure it's just right. what a champion. we don't really know what was in it other than bourbon and some sort of italian chocolate bitters.
And you guessed it... the bourbon really was five dollars. The burger really was five dollars. We got away for a STEAL.

Mike, Jeremiah, thank you for yet another fabulous experience at your fine establishment. Friends, go ahead and treat yourself $10 worth in about four days.

Happy Thursday and happy eating!


  1. I remember Mike!! He's awesome!! Wish I could have been there!

  2. That dessert drink looks awesome & I want those fancy champagne cocktail glasses!!! Just like in old movies.