Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Review : Rooster ' s

Hello everyone! Let me start this post by saying I'VE MISSED COOKING EVERY DAY SO BADLY... but these last few weeks have been non-stop traveling for James and me. FINALLY, we'll be home for awhile and I can start posting my own recipes again... don't give up on me just yet! :) I've got some really fun things up my sleeve to share with you in this new spring season!

But since we are just returning to Nashville and "normalcy," today is another quick review for you:

This place was great. It was like walking into a fabulous rustic, americana, after- dinner drinks joint. Well lit but with warm lighting, lots of glass, lots of gorgeous wood, funky decor in funky spots and an open kitchen so you can feel a part of everything that's happening. Was the menu hugely extensive? No, but I don't mind that. I sort of feel like if the menu is too big, it probably means that nothing on it is that fabulous. They really hone in on their few specialties so that everything on the menu is excellent. I appreciate that. Was the price right? Ehh.... the prices weren't bad per se, but they weren't good either. That being said if you were going for dinner, but if you were just going for a glass of wine and some appetizers, I'd say things were well priced for sure. Would I go back for dinner? Yes, but I'd have to find some girlfriends to go with because my husband didn't think it was worth his time to be honest. He said if we were waiting to meet someone for dinner somewhere else, he'd go there with me for a drink beforehand. But that's about it. So that should give you a good spectrum of opinion.

 The decor: beautiful. Very rustic classy with GORGEOUS roosters all over the walls! So creative!
 The beets: I don't eat beets, i think they're awful. But everyone else at the table thought they were delicious.
 Dad's hanger steak: he can have red meat 3 times a month now due to his recent heart healthy diet change... he loved every morsel of it and said it was worth the wait. :) Well done, dad!
 The honored guest at our table: Lulu. No reason for this photo except that EVERYONE should see how perfect she is.
 The Bleu Cheese Iceberg salad: not at all worth it, in my opinion and doesn't TOUCH Mickey & Mooch's.
 The Arugula Goat Cheese salad with slivered almonds: great. definitely a re-order.
 Brent's French Onion Soup: REALLY salty, but pretty darn good I'd say.
 The Macaroni and Cheese: May just be the best I've ever eaten in all my life. It was my meal. I'd never order another dish there again.
 The Fries: Eh, I've had better but, I'm not really a fries person.
 Sauteed Spinach: buttery and really great. does, however, leave that film on your teeth afterwards.
The Quarter Roasted Chicken: with the "barbeque" sauce on the side... delicious. the sauce is unlike any I've had. it's LIGHT, clear and not at all barbeque-y. more like a sweeter vinegar sauce and it was really tasty.

And there it is, friends. I'd say that's a pretty good picture of what your average dinner would look like there. All around it was a great meal and I highly enjoyed the atmosphere of the entire meal. The decor, the wait staff, the food... all good. And isn't it half the battle finding a place with nice waiters? I think it's hard to find these days, and Rooster's has no shortage of kind people on staff... that alone makes me want to recommend it with two thumbs up.

Lots of love to you all. Look forward to some RECIPES coming up very shortly! :)

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