Friday, March 9, 2012

Still in Uganda

Just wanted to say hello from Africa!!! For those of you unaware of my whereabouts, I'm in Uganda spending time with our kids at our orphanage! To give you the quickest of recaps (because the Internet is SOooo slow)

A- we take care of 700 orphans in Uganda
B- we've successfully gotten them clean water and a new latrine in the last year (thanks to all of YOU, amazing sponsors!) :)
C- we're implementing more protein in their diets by having 500 chickens on the premises and with that rich chicken-y soil, we're
D- building shade houses over rich soil for spinach...
All on our own property for our kids!!
THANK YOU for all of you who have prayed for us and sponsored our sweet kiddos.. Your generosity and the Lord's goodness are driving all the great things we are able to do on this trip and we are SO GRATEFUL!
Please consider sponsoring a child, or two, or three... It's ONE DOLLAR a day... And it makes the difference.
Follow our blog to see what we're doing while we're here right now and join our journey...
Lots of love you guys, we'll back in business with recipes soon! ;)

Check out the spinach shade houses being built and transferred today!

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