Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The breakfast that needs a name . . .

I'm gonna need you guys to vote... or get creative and throw some names out for me... so far I've got:
The 'Egg'sellent Avocado
Frisbee on the Lawn
Sunshine on the Grass
or the oh-so-original, baked avocado and egg... please don't vote for that one.

So there it is! Happy February 1st, friends! We celebrated the first day of the month with this really great, creative concoction- An avocado baked with an egg in the hole! This was super fun to make and really easy so I thought I'd show you how to do it. And after I made it and prepped the plates and saw how pretty it was, I thought, "this is my new favorite 'invite people over for a fancy brunch' idea." The problem is, I can't decide what to call it! I feel like something this pretty and creative needs it's own name but my creative juices just aren't flowing today.... any help would be great! Comment at the bottom if you think of something clever and cute.

Here we go...
First things first, enjoy watching your hot husband make you a french press- everything you cook will be better if you start it off with the smell of fresh coffee.
Turn your oven on to 425 degrees and put your cast-iron skillet (or other small baking dish) inside to get warmed up.
Get out your ingredients... some good, bite-y cheese, eggs, avocado, and a lemon. This is all you'll need... too easy!
Slice your avocado in half and lightly salt the inside of the hole.
Take the hot skillet out of the oven and place the avocado half (halves) inside. Crack the egg right into the hole and lightly salt the top. It's okay for the egg white to spill over the edge, makes it prettier in the end anyways. ;) Now pop them back into the oven for about 15 minutes.
You'll want to periodically check on them... I could've taken mine out at 12 minutes but I wanted the egg white cooked just a little more. *note to self: don't keep the oven door open too long to photograph your food otherwise you'll set off the smoke alarm.
typical. fanning the smoke alarm.
While these are baking, chop up your cheese and slice your lemon in half.
Now they should be done... if you left them in there for 15 minutes, the white should be solidly cooked and the yolk should still be runny. (i love dippy eggs, don't you?) Pull them out of the oven and remove them with a spatula underneath and a pair of tongs gently grabbing each side, this way they'll keep their shape and you won't have to worry about them falling off the side of the spatula as you wobble them over to the plate. Now sprinkle the top with your chopped bite-y, delicious cheese and generously squeeze fresh lemon juice all over the top. The lemon juice is vital, in my opinion, to break up the richness of the avocado. I only used half a lemon for both of the eggs and I wished I would have used a little more. Don't be shy with it, I promise you'll need it.
Now just salt and pepper the top, and serve with a piece of toast or some fruit or both... also next time I'll serve it with some tomato as well, I just ran out. AND, next time I make this for my family, I'll probably add a little scrape of cream cheese and hot sauce in the hole first before I crack the egg in. That would be outrageously delicious! Get creative with this! It's one of those things that lends itself to being good no matter what you do to it, so pull out your big kitchen guns and have an ingredients experimenting party with it!
Look at that beautiful breakfast! Healthy, quick, easy and impressive, in my opinion! Give it a try for breakfast tomorrow, dinner tonight, or save it up your sleeve for a surprise breakfast in bed Valentine's Day treat in two weeks! (ahh valentine's in two weeks?!)

Lots of love to you guys, and somebody get creative with this naming problem! What do we call this delectable eggy treat??