Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Baron Coffee Shop

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! What an exciting time it is! Fresh starts, new outlooks, the beginning of another ENTIRE YEAR of opportunity and newness! A blank canvas! There's something about that countdown at 11:50 pm .... "10, 9, 8, 7..." that just makes me feel refreshed and excited and like I have a whole new perspective! Maybe it's just me, but I really found myself waking up this morning THANKING GOD for another brand new calendar year! I was praying for opportunity, blessings, favor on our family, open doors, new friends... I was praying for a more adventurous spirit, a more GENEROUS spirit... and to be very frank, I was praying for inspiration and direction and more favor with Recitherapy! Sounds nuts, I know, but I truly believe this can be a real blessing to you guys if I keep my mind refreshed and open and keep new inspirations driving my posts! And I'm believing that God IS going to bless it and HAS heard my prayers and I can't wait to see where we're going to go together.... ESPECIALLY in the kitchen! :D

Having said all that, thank you, thank you, thank you again for giving me grace during the holiday season. It's been hectic here, I've been sick, meals have been here and there and I've been displaced out of my own kitchen... we're STILL in Australia! But now that most of the madness has quieted down, all the presents have been opened and extended family has pretty much dispersed, I'm HAPPY and excited to tell you that I'll be sitting down to this cozy blog corner VERY regularly again, STARTING NOW! I'll still be doing mostly restaurant reviews and things of that nature for the next 2 weeks until I return home to Nashville, but I'll keep them interesting and tasty! :)

I'm kicking our New Year's post off with photos and comments of a new favorite spot of ours here in Sydney! It's a FABulous little cafe that just happens to be right in our suburb and just happens to be owned and run by some really great people that James has known for years. Our friend Simon told us about it and we ended up meeting him there one day for coffee and lunch... then we went back the next day. And the next. And Christmas Eve. And the day after the day after that. You catch my drift. We love it. And aside from the great service, ambiance and coffee... would you believe me if I told you I had the BEST BLT I'VE EVER HAD IN ALL OF MY LIFE there....? Yes. I did. Seriously in all of my life. I truly wanted to pay our waitress twice the money just because I thought the sandwich was worth more than it was priced out to be. (which is shocking, considering Sydney food prices... they're RIDICULOUSLY high... so ridiculous that pretty much every time we're out, I get a 10 second total mental meltdown as soon as I see our bill) The other great thing about this little spot is that it's a cafe AND SMALL BAR. Such a good concept! They do great food, amazing coffees, and boutique, quality whiskeys at night! How fun right? We have yet to investigate their selection of spirits but that'll come shortly I'm sure. James and I can appreciate a good whiskey. ;) ALSO, forgot to mention, we had one of the best breakfasts in town here as well! Dad got the brekky wrap, which he now swears by, and James and I got "the tradie" or something like that... just a typical egg sandwich, but it was so not typical. It was flipping DELICIOUS... AND PRETTY to look at! And healthy!

So check this place out...
 (Who's the hottie on the right?)
 You know who.
 my macchiato to start... i LITERALLY asked them to make it "pretty or something"... they did! :)
 my second espresso.
Thought this was cool... raw sugar in a fancy little jar. So nice to see this as opposed to white sugar.
 simple menu... but OH, so satisfying.
 And there she is....
 the most majestic of ALL the BLT's in the world.
Slightly crisp, very bite-y sourdough, STACKS of mouth-watering perfect crispy bacon, an ENTIRE fresh avocado, ripe, bright red, juicy tomatoes... oh man. Truly in a league of it's own. Baron, you've won me over... COMPLETELY.
 isn't the place so vibey and cool??
 that's our sweet waitress, Jess, hangin with a little kid.

So there you have it, guys.... the best new 'find' in Sydney! I can't wait to show you MORE of this amazing city and all the food and great coffee it has to offer! We are UP AND RUNNING again over here at Recitherapy so don't be shy... stop on over and see what's good. ;)

LOTS  and lots of love!


  1. "the most majestic of ALL the BLT's in the world." Yes. Yes. This is the quote of the year. I realize the year is ONE day old, but you're off to a stellar start with this one! HA!!!!!!!!! I miss and love you and wish I could've shared that epic BLT with you. :)

  2. Oh man! That BLT DOES look amazing! When you come out here we'll have to drive down to San Diego so I can take you to a little bakery called "Bread" where I had the best BLT I've ever had. SOOOOOO good! Then you can compare haha. I want to go to Baron's!! Hope your New Year's Eve was amazing!!

  3. jdhelou... hahahha! so funny, glad you picked up on that line... it's actually literally what came to my mind when i revisited how unbelievable it was. SO MISS YOU I SIT IN BED AND CRY... ACTually. But I'll see you in 2 weeks!! I love you! I'm gonna try and re-create the BLT for us when I get home!

    Erin.... take me to Bread!!! I've heard of that place! Can't wait for your visit so we can finally eat and drink and be merry together haha! Happy happy new year to you and grant... let's talk soon!