Thursday, December 15, 2011

just a quick hello ...

to tell you all that I've been searching for inspiration and things to blog about but I don't want to just waste your time! I haven't hardly done ANYTHING in the kitchen while I've been here and as some of you have seen, it's been baby world around here the last few days so meals have been 'here and there' and mostly out! HOWEVER, that's changing soon and we'll be cooking and baking a lot more... my sister in-law from Scotland has just arrived and she's ready to dive into the kitchen with me so again, PLEASE give me grace during this time but also get ready for some new interesting things! I PROMISE I'll be posting regularly again soon!

In the meantime I'll share with you my personal favorite thing I have while I'm here in Syd and my "shame on you for being American" thing. haha! (meaning the most favorite thing of everyone here in Australia that I just don't happen to care for)

LOVED: meat pies and chips. (aka fries)
Seriously you guys, this is one of those love/love relationships... the TASTE of the filling and the crust of these babies is actually blissfully perfect in my opinion... they're savory, they're hearty, they're filling and they're fun to eat...  and instead of hating that I literally want to eat one everyday because they're super high in "gunk" factor, I LOVE that I want one every day because whoever makes them is a flipping GENIUS! All I have for genius chefs is love. They're simple... Just steak and onions or steak, cheese and bacon, or good old fashioned plain steak. But they're magical. If you're ever in West Pennant Hills here in Sydney, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go have a meat pie from the Coonara Bakery. They're beautiful, kind people and they can make a PIE!
 (that's how you eat them... dunking the chips in the middle! SO GOOD!)
This was my third demolished pie. :)

NOT SO LOVED: Cadbury Dairy Milk and all other Cadbury sorts. ("gasp!" i know... Colbs, I still love ya even though you're favorite things at Easter are those foil wrapped Cadbury eggs!) :)
Cadbury in the states isn't my favorite either but in my opinion, it's shockingly easier to manage than the Cadbury over here. (states Cadbury is from the UK. Aussie Cadbury is from Australia.) It's just so SUGARY! And the worst, most heart-breaking thing about it is that chocolate is my favorite thing in the entire world... I'm sickeningly in LOVE with chocolate. But I actually can very easily turn this particular kind down every single time without giving it a second thought. (makes me emotional) And on TOP of that, my husband is NOT a chocolate lover, so desserts that we both enjoy TOGETHER are very few and far between... guess what his favorite chocolate is? Yep. Cadbury.
I'll tell you this. I don't think it tastes bad. And the consistency is SO great... they've really mastered that in my opinion. And before I REALLY write it off for all time, I'm going to make James' grandmother's Caramel Slice recipe, which is literally 1/3 part Cadbury chocolate, and we'll see what the verdict is after that. (I'll be sharing that recipe and some photos of the process shortly... for those of you who like twix, milky way, things of that nature... tune in!) But all in all, I hate to say it.... I'm just not a fan and I would never recommend it. (ahh! don't disown me, Rudders!) ;)

I know this was a silly post but to be honest, pies and Cadbury chocolate have been a big part of the culinary experience of this trip thus far..... so there ya go! For the most part you're caught up! :) Pathetic I know but really, I WILL "wow" you one of these days very soon. Sydney is FULL of fabulous food and I'm really getting inspired to make some new fancy things! (also especially stay tuned after Saturday... we're having breakfast out at a great little spot so I'll see what goodies I can order to make you guys excited to read about!)

Lots of love to you guys and I hope everyone is making really fun things in preparation for the holidays! Anyone have any fabulous recipes they want to share?? ;)

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