Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snacking ... the fancy, healthy way

Hi friends! Today I'm going to keep it short... I've been writing you novels so today, I'm just going to share little tid-bits. I'm a BIG snacking fan. Why? Well because I love eating, don't you? But also because it's great for your metabolism to keep eating little, good things all day long. The more you keep snacking (healthily), the more your metabolism has to keep working and that's exactly what we want to happen.

Now, when I say 'snacking', I don't mean potato chips, diet coke and a 'reduced-fat' blueberry muffin from Starbucks. I mean HEALTHY, LIVING foods... fruit, cheese, whole grains, veggies, beans, whatever! Let's be realistic, I know SOMEbody reading this is ADDICTED to diet coke, or your absolute WEAKNESS is a piece of that old-fashioned crumb cake, and you don't have to completely cut that out if you're not ready. But instead of ONLY eating/drinking those processed things, let's add in some fresh ingredients! For example, one of my favorite mid-day snacks is a piece of whole grainy goodness toast with a thin slice of white cheddar and a few tomato slices on top. No mayonnaise, no butter... then I salt and pepper it and enjoy it with a cup of coffee!

One of my other all-time FAVES is an entire sliced up apple and small slivers of cheese. (slicing is key, people. my mother always says "people will eat it if it's bite-sized!" ) Sounds so elementary and boring but I URGE you to try it again for yourSELF, not just your child. And no, I do NOT mean cheese as in Kraft singles. NEVER EVER EVER in a million years would I. I mean a great, pure, bite-y cheese like a sharp cheddar or a smooth and dreamy swiss! Then if you must (i must), pair it with a mini glass of red wine! It's perfect simplicity. And you won't feel guilty (or bloated and disgusting) after enjoying it! If you REALLY want to feel like you're having a fancy, 'european get-away' in your living room, throw some black olives, a little chunk of crusty bread and some olive oil and sea salt on your plate as well... total heaven, you guys. Who ever said that a mid-day or evening snack had to be boring or unhealthy? Your snacks can ALWAYS be healthier and they can ALWAYS be a mini party! Why not? It's true that the simple little things in life are the best- you'd be surprised how much a beautiful miniature plate of fancy treats can change your whole day!

On a side note, light a candle. It's the one extra touch that makes mid-day something special and party-like. Again, why not? Life is too short not to light candles just because no one else is around or cares. YOU'RE around, and YOU care! So do it!

What are your thoughts? Anybody have a great little snack they like to treat themselves to?

Love you guys... happy, healthy snacking!