Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Frothy Monkey... my spot

Yes that's right, today is a restaurant review! We haven't done one in awhile and I think it's about time. The Frothy Monkey is our local 'hang', if you will. Almost every morning that I'm blogging, or just every morning period, I'm there. Why? Well, because it's cozy, it's charming and I'm a big fan of their espresso AND their food. The gal that owns it has another TOTALLY hopping food joint in town that's ALWAYS packed, so I guess it's just her niche. The Frothy Monkey is LIKE your quintessential coffee house, minus all the snobby, 'better than everyone' attitudes. The music is always good and not too disturbing- they play a variety of anything from chill down-tempo house music to 50's sock-hop tunes. It's in an old house so the rooms are all quaint hardwoods and brick and not too big, and the place is usually stocked full of fresh wildflowers in mason jars. (sounds so inviting right?)

I'll be honest, when I first moved to Nashville, I was NOT understanding the general vibe of a lot of the people. It's a college town. I don't normally hang with college students. I quit college early because I didn't love it. I don't understand wearing a hoodie and sneakers all day, and also not wearing any make-up and keeping mostly to myself at a table for 6 hours at a time (that's SUCH a mass generalization, I know, and I do like those people, I just don't get them). So when I first started going to The Frothy Monkey, I felt pretty outta place. At any given time there's at LEAST 15 college students studying something and most of the staff are under the age of 30 (my husband is 30 so naturally, I feel a little like kids are serving me, which i can understand seems strange considering i'm just 24). But then I decided to give it a real chance and try and get to know the baristas... what their names were, what they're doing outside of working there, etc etc... and I totally fell in love. It just took a few mornings of me coming in at the same time, smiling and really being interested in THEM. Now, they're all my morning pals! James doesn't usually love mornings, so most days I'm flying solo and it's nice to get a "good morning, sid!" and sometimes a free double espresso! ;) They're just a winning staff and they're HARD WORKERS. Seriously, I'm not sure I've ever seen a more hard working, family-like staff anywhere.

Now for the important things... I love coffee. I mean, I really and truly LOVE coffee. If it were normal to have such a strong emotional attachment to a non-living thing, I would say I'm IN love with coffee. (i realize it's NOT in fact, 'normal', so let's maybe forget i said that) So in my books, it says a LOT that I drive over there EVERY MORNING to get my double espresso fix. It also says a lot that I drive PAST 2 Starbucks stores on my way to this place and STILL keep going to get theirs. Not so much because I think their espresso is better, but because the atmosphere and the people are just so inviting (plus, no Starbucks could EVER outshine or compare to the exit 28 one in Cornelius, so I don't even attempt them.. love ya candice & melis).

Let's talk about the food. Is it a place where culinary genius is cultivated and thriving? No. Is it a place that would make the food network because of it's unique flavors? No. But is it consistently good and does it support the local farms (which are EVERYWHERE in this town) in the surrounding areas? Absolutely. That's why I love it. It's funny, James actually can't STAND going to pay for breakfast anywhere because he always thinks ours is better at home. He's probably right about that but the fact is, I'm ADDICTED to breakfast. I love breakfast at any and all times of the day! And The Frothy Monkey happens to serve the BEST toast and bacon from some local farms and bakeries so I can't help myself! The Frothy Monkey breakfast simply consists of 2 eggs, cooked to your liking, toast, (i always go for their whole grain-killer) bacon, turkey bacon or sausage, (oh my gosh the Benton's bacon) and a little side of butter & jam. It's perfect.

(seriously... i'm not sure anything could look more heavenly- except maybe melted chocolate all over the bacon.)

For those of you a little harder to please and more skeptical, let me give you James' perspective. I asked him his thoughts on the vibe, the staff and the food. Here's what he had to say:

The vibe- "Be prepared to be received politely, but in a slightly cold manner, partially due to the amount of traffic, and maybe slightly due to the 'we're a cool coffee shop' stigma."

The staff- "Don't be prepared to be welcomed to the family on a single visit. They are loyal to their frequent customers."

The food- "The food is always fresh, but if you don't want to be bored by a regular menu, look for the specials on the chalkboard."

So you can see there's a little difference in opinion, but overall, we'd say have a go at it. We like it. I like it a LOT. And in MY humble opinion, there's no way you could walk away displeased from the place, and if you're anything like me, you'll leave feeling happy, pleasantly full and refreshed!

Frothy, (as we affectionately call it) I give you a 5 outta 5. See you tomorrow!
Friends, next time you're in 12th south area, I'll meet you there.


  1. We visited the Frothy Monkey before church when we were in Nashville. I love it! They even have almond milk which is a dream for vegans!

  2. Tanya I'm so glad you guys got to stop there.. SUCH a great find. when are you due back to nash?