Friday, October 21, 2011

Rudder Cobb

Good early morning you guys! Today is going to be a great day... the weather is crisp, I'm nursing a giant cup of HOT coffee and I'm INSPIRED to help somebody out of their food comfort zone! :)

SO, woke up the other morning to my husband saying he wants to go low-carb for awhile. (gotta love a man who gets to that point ALL on his own) I JUMPED on it! I cleared the fridge of all our wonderful pastas, potatoes and rice and we fed the birds (& squirrels) an entire BRAND NEW, UNOPENED loaf of bread. I actually really enjoyed that, I love feeding birds. ANYWAYS, we've been having the best couple of days because of this little switch! Even this morning, he texted me from the airport (I just dropped him off at 5:30am) and said, "one great thing about how we're eating is that I'm actually HUNGRY, I'm not just eating for the sake of eating..". And I laughed because I had just gotten home from the airport and thought, "hmm, what can i eat, im hungry at 6am!" Sounds a little silly saying it but really, eating is so much more enjoyable when your body is the thing telling you to eat, not your mind.

Last night for dinner we decided to have a giant cobb-ish salad. I say cobb-ish because we added things like clementines and cottage cheese. It was GLORIOUS. Like, REALLY glorious. This salad will not leave you hungry, I can tell you that much. And the best part about it is there's no need for croutons, or toast or pita wedges.. it's just a whole lotta fresh goodness. (and it's SO easy to make!)

  • If you're making it for 2 or more, throw 3 pieces of bacon in a fry pan on medium low heat
  • Chop up some romaine lettuce.. jordan, you would've died over this perfect bunch I found
  • sprinkle around 3 clementines... for 2 salads
  • slice up (or not) some cherry tomatoes- I like a generous amount seeing as we don't use a dressing
  • slice up some avocado... makes it so pretty if you get a good one!
  • add a little dollop of cottage cheese- again, this is good since there's no real dressing
  • throw some chicken on top... you can do grilled which is great, but we used roasted, which i like better
  • sprinkle with a little crumbled bleu cheese - seriously, I could eat a bleu cheese popsicle
  • break your crispy bacon into pieces and sprinkle atop the mound of pretty lettuce and things
  • drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it all
  • fresh ground pepper and a dash of salt and you're good to go!
Doesn't that just look inviting? And it's fresh and full of LIVING ingredients... eating "living" foods on a regular basis is the best thing you could do for yourself (my sister taught me that- she's a living/raw food genius). And because your body can digest it all so well and so fast, you're ready to eat something every 2 hours or so, and that is FUN! Why not let yourself eat little fun things all day long?  Your body will be SO so happy! So pull out the lettuce bunch and tomatoes and get chopping!

ON A VERY DIFFERENT SIDE NOTE... it's time for a shameless LoveGrows plug. For those of you who don't know what that is, check it out, please! For those of you who know me and my family, here's the deal: I've dedicated my birthday this year to raising money for LoveGrows SO, if any of you are feeling generous, and loving and like you've got a dollar (or 10) to spare, head on over to my LoveGrows birthday page .... let's raise some moolah for these children and help keep them nourished, clothed and BLESSED! THANK-YOU in advance for taking the time to read about this, PRAY FOR THEM and give... it means so much and we're glad to have you along side us! 

Have the BEST of days today, friends!



  1. Bleu Cheese Popsicle!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Classic. And so Kramer of you. Also, do we have to bake you a no-carb birthday cake??? hmmmmmmmm

  2. HA! no carb cake? NO THANKS! time to cheat on all sorts of carbs for my birthday! ps i am kramer through and through... so are YOU, so no laughing from you!