Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Inspiration...

Good glorious afternoon everyone!  I am so pumped that this thing is up and RUNNING! But, before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to introduce you all to my inspiration for this blog and my love of food.
Let's begin with my fabulous big sister, Jordan...
Jordan is my best friend.  She is inspiring, hysterically funny, loving loving loving, caring and PROBABLY the best chef I know (besides our mom).  I know, you want to puke because she's all those wonderful things AND drop dead gorgeous... but you can't hate her, you'll just love her. Since I can remember, Jordan has wanted to teach me things and show me how to make food. When we were little tikes she used to make Kraft macaroni & cheese and she'd INSIST that I pepper it to death.  She swore it made it "gourmet." Sure enough, it did, and that's still how I like to eat it today. When we got older and our taste buds "sophisticated," she taught me how to buy DOCG wine, Donominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. She studied for 6 months in Florence, Italy and came home a wine and culinary GENIUS.  So, in the very near future, look forward to stolen recipes and guest posts from her masterful kitchen! 

And oh my mother, Kathy...
Yep, she's that gorgeous too... and good gracious that woman can COOK!!! Mom was 1 of 7 kids and her mother made homemade meals EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  I don't mean homemade like, "Oh, let's open the frozen bag of pre - cooked chicken and add it to the broth starter." I mean homemade as in 'FROM SCRATCH' everything.  So that's how Jordan and I grew up too.. from scratch everything (except said Kraft mac & cheese).  Again, you'll be seeing some of mom's original recipes quite often around here and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to bribe her into guest blogging as well. ;) Love you, mom. So what's she famous for? Well everything really but I'll do my best to narrow it down every once and awhile. 

SO, there's a quick look into who RUINED me from EVER buying frozen foods (except spinach) and being OK with heating up an Uncle Ben's rice bowl for dinner.  And hopefully I'll be able to ruin YOU of that too... because it will open up SO MANY delicious doors and your body will be happier because of it!


  1. This is AWESOME Sidney! I am really looking forward to following your culinary genius! Always looking for some new ideas and recipes!