Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Momma's Pot Roast

Good morning good morning all! I woke up this morning and thought, "why not get dinner ready so I don't have to worry about it later?" What a genius plan! So I did! And if you want, there's still time! (or just do it tomorrow)
 POT ROAST. It's the easiest, tastiest way to have the world's largest, most hearty meal with the LEAST amount of work. Seriously. So let me show you what I did.

We like to use a chuck roast, that's what my mom always makes in hers so that's what you'll see here. HOWEVER, a couple breasts of chicken would also be magical with the exact same other ingredients so if that's all you've got, not to worry! It'll still be fabulous!

Pull out your ingredients: chuck roast, onion, potatoes, carrots (not photographed, i have to go buy some), and Lipton onion soup mix... also sorry the corn got in the photo, not in the roast. ;)

 Before you start chopping, cover the bottom of the pot with olive oil. Add a little chicken bouillon, and a little season salt. (i'd say my bouillon is the equivalent of 2 cubes) 

Place the chuck roast on top of all the oily goodness on the bottom of the pot. (it's ok if the meat is still mostly frozen, remember, this thing is going to be SLOW cooking ALL DAY, so no harm done)
Next, peel and chop your onion and potatoes. Bite size on the potatoes.

Now pour all of that in the pot, on top of the meat. Pour all of the dry onion soup mix on top of that. Drizzle with a little more olive oil, and salt & pepper.

Remember, yours is going to look a lot more attractive than mine because yours will have carrots in it. Mine will too in an hour when I go to Trader Joe's. ;) Don't you just think color is key in cooking? It makes everything better!

Then set your crock-pot to "high" for 8 or 10 hours. At this point, if you're just reading this and you want to make this for dinner TONIGHT, I'd go for 8 hours so you're not twiddling your thumbs at 10:30pm wondering when it's going to be done. Don't fret, 8 hours is STILL a VERY LONG TIME to cook a piece of meat. It'll be JUST as good as my 10 hour one. :)

AND THAT'S IT! You're done! Go about your day, write your thank-you notes, finish the laundry, do 3 MORE loads of laundry if you want! Go take a walk! Go recruit a new girl (that's for you, MK fam)! ;) 
Go to Starbucks and read that book you've been wanting to start for 2 months... and go at 6pm if you want! Because you WON'T have to be back in your kitchen to serve dinner until it's ALREADY done and ready to be put on a plate! DREAM DINNER right?! If for some CRAZED reason you're feeling like, "wow, i'm an awful wife and mother, i should make SOMETHING ELSE to go with this pot roast, otherwise they'll think i don't care..." then put on a pot of brown rice and call it a night! (ps- very soon i'm going to have my mother share her Lebanese rice recipe... watch out rice world, here comes the big gun)

So I hope this makes your life a little more fun and easy, and I hope you finally get obsessed with USING YOUR CROCK-POT! It REALLY can become your best friend. Pull it outta the pantry! Take it off the top of the fridge! LEAVE IT ON YOUR COUNTER.... you'll be glad you did. ;)



  1. This pot roast will make a vegetarian's mouth water!!! Everyone should try it! Sid, great post - mouthwatering!!! :)

  2. ha! athank you! it was unbelievable. best I ever made.

  3. Just put this in the crock pot! Mmmmm.

    1. yum! good job! i can't WAIT to get home to the chilly weather so i can make this! we made it one night here (summer in oz) and it was so left field hahha- pot roast for dinner and ICE CREAM for dessert cause its stinkin HOT. xox :) let me know what you think of it!