Thursday, October 13, 2011

Loveless Cafe

Well, I'm not sure any of you know what the Loveless Cafe is, if you're not living in or from Nashville.  The Loveless Cafe & Motel is a famous little spot that a husband and wife started back in the 1950's.  It's become a bit of a country musician stop and it's a total "locals" joint.  There were 4 of us going to see the Music City Roots event last night and it just happened to be hosted by the Loveless folk, so we decided to have an authentic, southern "meat 'n' three" dinner.  It was....... SOUTHERN, to say the least.
I'll put it this way... I was awake probably 3 hours of last night with a gurgling, aching stomach. But when I woke to my sore belly, I didn't regret it. The mac n cheese was my favorite part of the whole experience but I'll walk you through the whole meal. Here goes:

1st: From Scratch biscuits... 2 plates of 6 biscuits! With 3 different homemade preserves.

2nd: The meal... Fried Chicken with Southern green beans & mac n cheese.
(I asked for it)

3rd: (there wasn't supposed to be a 3rd but FUDGE PIE?!)

WE WERE STUFFED! I mean, stick a fork in us, we're done, STUFFED. And we did not feel "pleasantly full" afterwards... maybe because the decor donning the main fireplace was this:
(that says, "Dependable Pure Lard")

And that's precisely what I felt like when we left. HOWEVER, it was an experience, and it was food that I don't EVER find myself cooking. So yes, I'd return. Probably not for dinner, but I'd go back to try the breakfast, I'm not sure if you can REALLY lard up fried eggs THAT much so I have a feeling it'd be a safer option. :) Besides, I'd go back just to support the wait staff! They were ambassadors of TRUE southern hospitality and I can really appreciate that in a place that's so busy and popular they could be down right rude if they wanted. So I recommend it! I'm not sure why I recommend it, but I do! Next time you find yourself driving down Highway 100 through the rolling hills of Nashville's countryside, take a pit stop at the Loveless Cafe & Motel. I will guarantee you it's an experience of IMMEASURABLE proportions. 

Anyone been... thoughts? Happy Thursday, friends!

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