Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Joy of a Raw Lunch

Not raw, as in sushi... raw as in good ol' produce that hasn't been cooked, slathered with cheese and "twice baked." Trust me, if there's ANYONE in the world that loves slathering ANYTHING in cheese, it's me. But sometimes it's just really refreshing to throw together a salad for lunch or dinner and to watch a BEAUTIFUL plate of food appear before your eyes just from slicing and dicing instead of stewing and melting. For example:
Really, that is a gorgeous plate of inviting food. "What's the point," you may ask... well no one is forcing you to do it but the point for me sometimes is just to enjoy food the way food ACTUALLY already tastes. This may sound over the top, but, every time I eat a raw meal I'm reminded of how CREATIVE GOD really is. It's just WILD to me how I can fork a piece of arugula and it's bitter and fresh as can be, and the next I find a tough skinned, BRIGHT RED, juicy, tangy little tomato to balance all the bitterness out. He SO knew what He was doing when He made these gorgeous things. And sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I look at a bag of potatoes in my grocery cart and it's as if my eyes have turned into giant mounds of butter and all I want to do is CONQUER those potatoes! But other times... I can't help but notice how FLAVORFUL everything already is ON ITS OWN. So if you're brave enough, try this little lunch trick one day for you and your significant other or if you're SUPER brave give it to the kids (eek!) and see what they think! It's so worth a try, and I'm telling you, ONE of you is bound to love it!
(and oh by the way, talk about the HEALTH benefits of eating a raw lunch!)

  • Grab a plate and cover it in your favorite lettuce. Arugula is in the picture and I also love Romaine and Field Greens
  • Throw on a couple of tomato slices or cherry tomatoes, whatever you prefer.
  • Clementines make for the BEST burst of "dressing" on every bite so I use those next
  • Then for a little protein I like to add chicken (NO NOT RAW!) :) If I don't already have a cooked chicken from previous dinner or something, just go buy one pre-done. They're brilliantly cheap and very tasty- not a chicken person? I use canned tuna as my other alternative- don't season it with anything just yet...
  • Then I dollop some cottage cheese or labne (lebanese tart yogurt) right in the middle somewhere
  • Last, drizzle some fresh lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar & cracked black pepper & salt
VOILA!  Honestly, as much as I love food, I wouldn't lead you astray... this will taste HEAVENLY fresh and simple... so happy eating!
Love to all!

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  1. Could you use mandarin oranges instead of clementines? I like them instead. I love your blog and Ideas. So glad I found it. Blessings to you and keep all your amazing ideas coming.